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Service I

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International Urheberrecht / author directory with toll-free registration

The Service I offers the following additional advantages

Author and work are clearly identifiable
Simple identification if and how a work will be used
Quick contact between authors and prospective

1000001X - Thus, to look your license number.

On the X at the end would be seen in this case already that on which of your work the number is attached is protected and no use is permitted by a third party.

Would you choose the P as final digit, it would mean that your work is protected and free use is permitted to private, non-commercial purposes.

An F at the end means Urheber/Authorschip protected / free use for private or commercial purposes allowed.

Whether and how a work is available or usable, everyone recognizes immediately by the final digit.

Even if your name, the company name, the address, your representative or the way of using or selling of your work changes, or you change your agent, your work is always clearly identifiable and attributable to its author. A query about the "whois" button leads interested and copyright together immediately.

The current contact details that you provided after login in the member area "U", will be given directly to the prospective of your work. This eliminates an often complex, time consuming and often unsuccessful search.

Even after the service I - performance, the last contact the author of the central author-list remain available.

You can during the ordering process by increasing the number already for up to ten years to book and pay in advance.

Before you can use the service I or II, you must register first free of charge as a licensee.


Details you find in GTC Section II.

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